The impact of mobile applications on retail sales growth



Retail is one of the few areas alongside with banking services and insurance, where mobile applications have become the most useful business tool. Today mobile applications transform people's daily life and make the most ever-growing interest among users.

Many retail companies consider mobile applications as an alternative sales channel to increase profits and strengthen the value of their brand. And we know why. There are many advantages of mobile applications. It allows the brand to inform customers about new products, involve them in loyalty programs, deliver desired products and collect feedback about customer's preferences.

Using mobile applications is especially convenient due to correlation between the size of the message and the speed of their delivery. They are interactive and allow sending more information than usual SMS. Push notifications are one of the most effective mobile communication tools. The trick is that you can send a notification even if the application itself is not running: as soon as the user turns on his smartphone he will see the message.

Since almost all users read mobile notification at the same time it has delivered, it makes notification a great tool for sending company's promotional news or info about new items. Push notifications made 17% growth in sales of promotional products for our client - a world-famous restaurant chain.

Some still may think that a mobile version of their website is enough and there is no need to create a mobile application. But it has a prevailing advantage: it has access to the functions of the smartphone and extends the capabilities of its users. For example, if a user provides an application with access to a camera or his location via a smartphone, he can use the product search from pictures or other special tools based on his location. In case of a mobile version of a website, such options can be present only partially. Also, it is important to understand that due to the huge increase of smartphone users, the role of the websites itself has decreased significantly.

Most of the retail applications make personalized offers for their customers. They suggest you look at products you might like. Stores use search history and previous order information in order to recommend products that may be of their customers' interest.

Another important feature of a mobile application is the ability to increase a brand’s performance. The application allows a user to search for offers, check the electronic catalogue, immediately call and check the availability of desired goods at the point closest to the house or working place. All these features make better sales and create loyal clients.

May the application becomes popular or not depends largely on its design because users often choose the application guided only by the design of its icon. The icon itself is a useful marketing tool: a unique image is the first thing users see when they find an app in the App Store or Google Play. A user installs the application consciously and the application icon will always be in front of his eyes on the phone or tablet.

Today mobile apps are gradually becoming the preferred choice for retailers to interact with their customers by making a better offer thereby increasing sales.