Application for instant restaurants’ and cafes’ bills payment


Mobile application development for quick restaurants’ bills payment. Payment must be designed through online acquiring, application authorization - via SMS validation.


React Native based application development that includes both - iOs and Android platforms, as well as the development of React-based web panel for operational content application management. This decision accelerated the development process by ~ 1.5 times, reducing the budget by 2 times.

Card addition

When added to the application, the card undergoes automatic validation: entered card number correctness, the validity period. To add a map more quickly, a map scan is used.

View Order

To check the order, a user just needs to scan a QR-code without leaving the application. The menu is being updated online. You can divide bill payments in several ways right in the application.

Integration with restaurant accounting automation system

The application interrelates with restaurant management software, so users have the opportunity to pay online.

Modal windows

React Native


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