Educational Mobile App «Foxywords»

Educational Mobile App «Foxywords»


Technologies: React Native, Node.js

Purpose of development:

Development of a modern mobile application for adults and children, helping to improve the level of spelling. The target audience is 8+ with any level of knowledge.

Nuances and difficulties:

Often, grammar is associated with something boring and uninteresting. It was necessary to develop an application that will be able to educate the user in an interesting and entertaining form.

Development process:

Development of the mobile application was conducted within one and a half months: from them 30 calendar days it was spent on development of the code on the React Native framework and 15 days for the design. Monetization is created on the basis of an automatic subscription, which allows you to remove the limit for passing tests.


«Foxywords» is a bright and dynamic, entertaining and teaching project, capable of «tightening» anyone who downloads this application.

Educational Mobile App «Foxywords»

Main screen. Greetings

Educational Mobile App «Foxywords»

Level selection screen. Animation of the main character and background

Educational Mobile App «Foxywords»

Game screen with timer

Educational Mobile App «Foxywords»

The history screen. Ability to replay games