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Development of a mobile application for controlling Smart Home devices


Creating an easy-to-use mobile application that includes a wide range of functions to control Smart Home devices.
The application is developed for German and Swedish markets for iOS and Android platforms.


The application for iOS and Android mobile operating systems was designed with React Native framework.
The solution helped to speed up the development process by 1.5 times and reduce the budget by 2 times.

The user has the opportunity to collect all the devices of Smart Home in one application as well as configure it for easy and convenient use.
The control panel is functioning as the main page of the application. The user has full control of smart devices as well as all the information about them. Notifications are available via SMS, Push-Notifications, and Email.
The user has quick access to six programmed events from the control panel:
  • automatic light switching on,
  • light brightness control,
  • heating control,
  • monitoring well-being of an oldster,
  • outside the house,
  • journey/ vacations.
Three events can be configured according to the specific time schedule.
The settings of heating control, switching on of the light, and monitoring well-being of an oldster can be easily changed and modified anytime.
Events Setting
All events have predefined settings but the user has the option to modify them by his own choice and need.
Being outside the house the user receives notifications about the status of his housing. When the task is activated through a panel control, for example, smoke or carbon monoxide detection, hacking or flooding - the user receives instant Push-Notification, SMS or Email depending on his selected settings.
Additionally, for our client it was developed the landing page with a detailed description of all the advantages and functionality of the application as well as the option to purchase devices for Smart Home.
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