Pregnancy Mobile App

Pregnancy Mobile App


Technologies: React Native, Node.js

Purpose of development:

Development of a mobile application that includes a complete database of medical knowledge. Must include a weekly pregnancy calendar, a schedule and weight records, notes, a bout count, a pregnancy calendar, ability to export all data in PDF and other functions necessary for a pregnant woman.

Nuances and difficulties:

Mobile applications from the "Medicine" section assume accurate, proven knowledge. We involved in the development of experienced doctors who thoroughly read all the texts checked the authenticity of the information and filled the application with interesting facts.

Development process:

The development of the mobile application took about 120 days. Of these, 90 days were spent on development and debugging. For the implementation, the React Native framework was chosen. For Backend, it was decided to use the Firebase database as the most efficient, fast and scalable option for this type of application. Design development took about a month.


"Pregnancy" app is a functional, informative, bright and modern application. The project has repeatedly hit the top applications of the "Medicine" section, and the application functionality has been expanding to this day.

Pregnancy Mobile App

Main screen. Concentration of the most useful and important information. Actual date, size of the fetus, weight, quick access to the rest of the sections.

Pregnancy Mobile App

Fetal screen. Full information about a child: height, weight, comparison of the baby with fruit or berries.

Pregnancy Mobile App

Weight screen. Accounting for the weight gain of a pregnant woman, graphs and visual figures.

Pregnancy Mobile App

Counter of prenatal labor. Inclusion of prenatal labor: duration, time and frequency.