Musical Mobile App for Children

Musical Mobile App for Children

For Kids

Technologies: React Native, Node.js

Purpose of development:

A modern mobile application that includes a full database of music for Soviet movies and cartoons.

Nuances and difficulties:

After a survey among young parents (potential users of the application), we found out that often the application will be used by the children themselves. The main task was the intuitive clarity and accessibility of the application even for the smallest users.

Development process:

The total development time of the mobile application was 30 days. 15 days left for development and debugging. For the implementation, the React Native framework was chosen. Given the specifics of the application, it was decided to abandon the registration procedure and store user data locally. Design development took about 15 days.


The application "Children's Songs" is one of the most popular in the section "For Children" in the CIS countries. The functionality of the application is expanding to this day.

Musical Mobile App for Children

Maximum visibility and availability of any partition. Light and bright interface.

Musical Mobile App for Children

The mobile app was selected by Apple as a favourite for the «Kids» section in the Russian App Store in May 2019.

Musical Mobile App for Children

Main screen. All sections with attractive and bright pictures.

Musical Mobile App for Children

The screen of the player. The user-friendly interface with the ability to add any song to a playlist.